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See These 15 Dangerous Pictures Before Going For Swimming

If you are planning to go on swimming with your friends in the sea or in any river, you should prepare yourself for these dangerous living beings. If you are not ready for this…..

#15 Kayaking Adventure? No thanks.

I see this picture and I think to myself that the predator becomes the prey thing can actually come true.

#14 Whole Lot of Hole.

The deep sea has a lot of trenches but diving into a deep sea hole is fun, only when you’re watching it on T.V.



#13 Caterpillar.


I thought the term fishing means catching fish. This is insane. Go home earth you’re drunk.



#12 Jellyfish

Imagine you take a dive and see that in front of you. Would you die of fear or excitement? That is one of the oldest jellyfish and scientist have been keeping track of it forever. It is said to be over 140 years old.

#11 Anaconda

#11 Anaconda

Why is that snake so big also why isn’t it killing that guy already. Wasn’t the snake in the movie on a killing spree?

#10 The Great White.

This may look like a bad picture but imagine facing a great white. It is one of the deadliest predators in the sea. They are the deadliest of all sharks.

#9 Titanoboa

This snake was said to be extinct and it is also said to be almost 3 times the size of an anaconda. This picture says otherwise. It was never spotted ever again.

#8 Watch Him Doing His Tricks.

This is a big sting ray doing tricks to distract the meditating woman in the water.

#7 Jaws

Even the jokes doesn’t want to see this smile.

#6 How About A Hug.

When Oswald the blue octopus felt all friendly and warm during the shoot he went all out to give the camera man a big hug. Such a friendly guy.

#5 The Ballerina.


That may seem like a beautiful picture with the fish in the spot light, but make no mistake. This picture is home to one of the deadliest deep sea creatures.

#4 Surfer Shark

This shark just heard that he could be anyone so he wanted to make the best of his skills and be a surfer. He was just misunderstood. Imagine you saw that during surfing.

#3 What Is That?

Its that creature from the green lantern movie. It’s come to life. I am never going to the beach again. That’s it.

#2 Underwater

How would you feel if you go for a swim and jump into something this deep. It seems peaceful but awfully lonely.

#1 Wiplash

If you’re on that boat and that whale decides to just breath. Imagine!!

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